Aberration-free educational institutions

Aberration-free educational institutions

Vasiliy Ivanov Aug 16, 2018

Let us consider a very simple operating model of an organization, be it a commercial or a state-owned enterprise. An organization begins with an idea, then it develops its production cycle, manages the sales and promotion of its products, and maintains contact with its clients.

In what way does an educational institution differ? It goes through all the stages, except the last one. I am yet to see a school that takes any interest in the destiny of its graduates, finding out what knowledge came in handy, and what was just a waste of time.    

Usually, educational institutions’ focus lies only on those graduates who have achieved outstanding success. However, one should understand that such an interest is by no means caused by the desire to build on this success. The core reason of this interest is the craving to achieve publicity using the name of the person, who has reached great heights.

Aberration implies the distortions that occur as the result of deviation from the normal functioning of a company’s department. As a consequence, the organization is gradually nearing its end.

Is aberration actually an educational institutions’ problem? In my opinion, it is. You see, no commercial enterprise exists for a long time if it ignores the customer feedback. What is different about an educational institution? Absolutely nothing! Its product is knowledge successfully conveyed to its graduates, the knowledge they will be able to apply in their professional activities.

It seems to me, if educational institutions got interested in the quality of their product, they would make many interesting discoveries about themselves. Those discoveries, in turn, would definitely help to build a more viable educational strategy.