About me

My history

I started my professional career as an ordinary programmer. It was exciting - no restrictions in implementation, only fantasy and the desire to study. As I advanced, I got new responsibilities, became the technical leader of the team, and then took on a number of project management functions.

Shortly thereafter this became not enough. I spent all my free time experimenting on creating my own products. Each new attempt was another invaluable experience. Some time passed that way and it came to the company, which you can now know as KeepSolid.

The company’s philosophy

When the company broke through the size of 100 people, I began to notice some issues in the compatibility of employees. Some persons could not agree among themselves without the intervention of senior management, some created an unfavorable atmosphere for colleagues, some criticized working conditions, and some worked on the result without paying attention to all the factors listed above.

The organizational culture came to help us with its mission, philosophy, and common values. Properly used, this document became a barrier to incompatible people and a magnet for those who shared our views.

In such a way the new stage of the company's life began, which I mention in the blog from time to time.


My interests include sports, such as hiking, autotravel, basketball, baseball, bicycle, snowboard, bowling, football

In addition to personal enthusiasm for these sports, I always try to involve my friends and colleagues. Some corporate events were born out of a desire to spend time together with all colleagues and sometimes with their families as well.

Some time ago, round 2015, I felt an interest in another occupation - the creation of a prosperous region. Fortunately, many colleagues shared that desire and we started with education issues - the organization of student practices, master classes, internships in the company, and many other activities. I'm very happy that I can influence the future of young guys and I hope that each of them will get the necessary information from us in order to become an established specialist.