Internship in KeepSolid. Summer 2017

Internship in KeepSolid. Summer 2017

Vasiliy Ivanov May 31, 2017

It is the second month since we've launched the enrollment of students for the summer internship 2017 in KeepSolid. In this article I covered the primary idea which serves as a base for our activities with students.

Today is the last day for applications and I'm looking forward to the internship start, because our graduate interns are always not only 3-5 new employees to join our teams, but also dozens of students who have risen to a higher level and have become closer to the profession of their dreams. Recently, more and more companies in our city are aware of the power of the education process and get themselves involved in it. This is great, because with every involved company there are more places for interns and the range of opportunities for each student is expanding. When such an internship was organized by just one company in the city, it was able to train several dozens of students, creating a great competition for places in the internship. Just imagine a city in which business takes a direct part in the life of students - each graduate will be able to get a job in the specialty and by the time of employment will become a mature specialist who understands how the company works, what requirements and expectations will be required.

However, there are some shortfalls. As it often happens, copying an idea without understanding the primary goal leads to the process demise. This year in Odessa about 5 more companies joined the internship process. Surrounding skeptics do not believe in the idea of ​​internship as a social activity, they try to find in this a hidden interest like company promotion and attempts to implement the project at the expense of cheap or free labor of students. But the most amusing case is the reluctance of some players in the labor market (whom I previously considered more competent than us) to ask about our training, seek for advice on starting up or even cooperation. Instead, they make cunning attempts to collect information through our mutual acquaintances about what we will do and how the training will take place. Also, they try to find out the start date of our internship and in a hurry assign theirs a week or two earlier :).

Perhaps, only now I realize the correctness of my actions in a new way. After all, when someone just praise you - it can be a gesture of courtesy, and when someone dig up on you - this is a recognition by a competitor. In fact, no information about our educational initiative is secret, I sincerely look forward to like-minded fellows in this matter. The demand is only one - no personal gain. Social activity is a benefit that companies are able to provide to those in need at the expense of their time and budget. I believe that students who will become gurus in 8-10 years will adopt this philosophy and will share it with the next generations. Also, I want to remind you that you can learn more and apply for our internship at Timetable of classes:

I want to thank the guys who responded to the proposal to conduct the training and share their experience with future IT specialists. Here are their names: Dmitry Shevchenko (Front End Development), Denis Shevtsov (Android Development), Dmitry Rykun (iOS Development), Vasyl Hryhorzhevskyi (Server Development), Simeon Kotlyarenko (PHP Development), Vitaly Kovalenko (Product Design), Yuriy Zhernovoy (Customer Support), Julia Glazunova (Content Marketing), Irina Kolesnikova (Public Relations), Denis Pavlovsky (Digital Product Marketing).

Also, I'm extremely proud of the new addition to the internship format. From this year on, the master classes will be conducted by special guests - famous, intelligent, creative, accomplished professionals who have accumulated professional and life experience and want to share it with the younger IT generation. Here is a partial list of special guests: Igor Mazurok (Greedy algorithms, very dynamic programming), Alexander Antonenko (Algorithms for solving the game theory issues, the Search Tree), Arthur Maksimov (Pattern Recognition Algorithms), Oleg Fokin (Best Practice Plus (C ++)), Vera Mayuk (Product PR), Christian Munoz (the topic will be specified).