Vasiliy Ivanov Aug 16, 2017


Four years ago, on August 9, the first product of KeepSolid appeared on the internet and so did its first sale. At that moment we did not know what to focus on, and the concept of ​​a developing company we had only through the experience of actively shooting ourselves in the feet. We created small applications for iOS and tried to compete with large players in the segments of these products. I cannot say that we did well, rather, we did badly, especially in promoting products that had dozens and sometimes even hundreds of competitors. We were a few people with a desire to create benefits, which would turn into money one day.

Only half a year later we found a nerve to implement more complex technological projects and created VPN Unlimited. At that time the product consisted of one application for iOS and several servers. Scalability was built into the architecture, so the following months we spent actively extending the functionality and the number of servers. And thus, 3 years afterwards, the product offers applications for iOS / macOS / Android / Windows / Linux / Windows Phone / Browsers / Wi-Fi routers and has thousands of servers in more than 50 countries.


Before moving to the event itself, I want to share with you my pride - my colleagues, who implement our plans in every possible way, technology, and approach. Now we have 120 people covering such positions as:

  • Programming
  • Software Design
  • Design
  • Content Management
  • Copywriting
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Security
  • R&D
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Customer Support Service
  • Sales Management
  • Office Maintenance
  • Massage
  • Event Management
  • Finance
  • Process Management and Top Management

(I'm sorry if I forgot to mention someone from colleagues working on products)

It's not only those people who work on the products released by the company, but also those whose products have been languishing for many months in repositories, marketing materials, and specifications. We plan to continue developing current products in the internet security segment, but we also plan to enter the corporate segment. The groundwork for these actions was laid several years ago. One of the pilot projects - Roadmap Planner - was released on the market to pre-test assumptions; we continue to work on other projects inside the company. I think that the main product line will be launched on the market within a few years, and for now we will continue to experiment and change the traditional hulky ecosystem of IT solutions for business.


An interesting feature of the work in KeepSolid is the opportunities to develop professionally. For example, programmers can change jobs by moving between different teams, shifting to different platforms and technologies:

Programming languages: C ++, Objective-C, Java, QML, SQL, Python, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Erlang, Go, Lua, NodeJS, Ruby

Tools: BoostASIO, AES-encryption, Android SDK, AWS, CA Certificates, CloudKit, Crashlitics, cURL, Dropbox SDK, Evernote SDK, Fabric, Firebase Cloud Messaging, GCD, Google Analytics SDK, Google Play Services, Protobuff, Gradle, HTTPS, JNI, KVC, KVO, LibHaru, JSON, OpenSSL, PDFFlum, PDFKit, QT, Quartz, RadaeePDF, RPC, RSA-2048, RSA-256, SQLCipher, SQLite, TCP, WebKit, XML, Allure, appium, Chromedriver, Gspread, selenium, WebDriverAgent, Windows SDK, Embind, Emscripter, Fluent.Ribbon, jQuery, libCurl, Symfony, zlib, Cloudflare, Docker, Haproxy, libSodium, Nginx, OpenVPN, PHP-FPM, Postgres, PowerDNS, RabbitMQ, Radius, Redis, RIAK , Route53, Salt, Squid, SSL, StrongSwan, Vault, XL2TPDF, ZMQ, AdSupport, AFNetwork, AppsFlyer, AssetsLibrary, C-Ares, CFNetwork, CoreData, CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, CoreText, Facebook SDK, Fendesk SDK, GCC, iAd , libc ++, libcares, libcrypto, libResolv, libSSl, libz, LocalAuthentication, log4cplus, MediaPlayer, MessageUI, MobileCoreServices, MSVC2015 , multidex, QuartzCore, StoreKit, UIKit, AppKit, UrlRotator and other KeepSolid developments.

The same diversity of approaches is also used by designers, marketers, and other team members.


Regardless of the number of technologies used, perhaps the only thing that causes the company development is people. Being among the team of professionals, it is very easy to see how awesome are the projects driven by the committed colleagues with a sense of responsibility for their actions and, conversely, what a swamp is created by uncommitted or disinterested people. Especially when it comes to leaders of any level.

I am uniquely proud of these people who surrounded me and supported all ideas, regardless of their implementation complexity and risks. Perhaps on the surface everything goes easily and we just chose the right niche. However, everything is hot inside the company, everything at dagger point - product quality, implementation timing, launch of new projects. And at this moment I begin to feel WHO is close to me. These guys are not interested in discussing why nothing will get done - they are just interested in the project details and how soon it is necessary to get down to work!


The company's birthday is not just a formal event for us. As with other events, we hold them for all team members, so that everyone is distracted from the hard work, devotes time to get to know better his colleagues and communicate with them. Recently, we divided all activities into two types: team-building and holiday. Thus, in the first case, only team members can participate, and in the second, their families and children as well. Sure thing, the company's birthday is a holiday for all, and this time we visited Turkey. It was the first travel of such a scale for us - about 150 people departed. However, the organization of the event had a marvelous success thanks to the efforts of our HR and Event Managers.

We departed by two planes - one from Odessa and the second from Kiev. After the landing, the buses were already waiting for us and then brought us directly to the hotel. There were guides who, like in other countries, told tales about "love" tunnels and other sights. I don't know if there are tourists who believe in such tales, but it made us so happy that the guide, in my opinion, took offense. Upon arrival at the hotel, we quickly got settled and found out that Wi-Fi only works in the lobby. I was very happy about this, because there was less opportunity to get stuck in the phone screen and more reasons to leave the hotel and spend time with colleagues.

On the first full day of staying there, we all went for a drive on a boat and swam in three bays of the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful landscapes. The host of our holiday did not let us get bored, diluting swimming and get-togethers with various contests, up to exotic ones. Then we went in groups on excursions and extreme tours, swam in the pool in the evenings, competed and occupied the whole territory of the cocktail bar ;) Perhaps the main disadvantage is the heat, which reached 40°С and had to save ourselves in the water.

While the special video is not ready yet, let me share with you the photos made by our guys during the activities.

I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback I received from the employees. They are very grateful for such an opportunity to relax with their families on working days, compared this period with a full vacation.