KeepSolid - Dream, Achievements, Pride!

KeepSolid - Dream, Achievements, Pride!

Vasiliy Ivanov Apr 15, 2017

For me, the company is the second family, home, interesting people and a professional team.

Since childhood, I've been passionate about creating something. Only the environment served as the determining factor for me. At home, I was assembling the construction sets, turning ships out of wood with my grandfather in the garage, and by the end of the school I got a computer... It was very slow even for that time, so I couldn't launch the newest games on it. This was a good impulse to redirect my interests towards the research on how everything is arranged inside the computer. Year by year the desire to learn the IT sphere had become more and more clear and I focused on the software industry. Therefore, 12 years later, KeepSolid was born. In the first year our team consisted of several developers, a support specialist, a web developer, and several marketers-sellers-PR-managers. After some time, I managed to delegate technical tasks to the newly arrived specialists and to focus on the global tasks of the company's development.

I'd like to emphasize 5 main achievements from the list of the most important ones:

  1. Starting a business together with just two partners, we fundamentally did not concern ourselves with the investments and built the company without any "commitments".
  2. Over the past year the company staff has doubled and now there are already 100 of us.
  3. We built the company model so that, in addition to developing the flagship product, we try to invest in 4 more internal developments. Some of them will come out soon.
  4. We are one of the first in the country (almost all of our team is based in Ukraine) began to abandon the outdated model of hiring personnel by means of enticing and engaged in matters of staff involvement, with a clear understanding of the meaning of this process.
  5. For the past two years we have defined our social role - in terms of volunteer activity we work with students, giving them the opportunity to gain real work experience in the company.

Looking at everything that happens, I feel proud for enthusiasts in the past, and now for professionals who make events happen in the desired way through their persistence. I am sincerely sure that in KeepSolid we already have the best team possible, and the emerging vacancies will be closed by new talented specialists!