Manager and control

Manager and control

Vasiliy Ivanov Jun 11, 2018

Hello! It’s nice to be back to you again after a long break. Perhaps, you are curious why I’ve been away for so long? Well, this has to do with an extensive restructuring of work processes that we’ve launched in the company. Especially and specifically, its management positions.

As it turned out, the key problem in our company (and I doubt that this is only true for our case) was misunderstanding of the very concepts of "leadership" and "management." So we studied the reasons of projects delays, investigated the problems of work quality, identified communication issues. And, as always, we even ended up with a thesaurus...

Basics of management and why it’s wrong

Once again, the reason was exactly in the meaning of the word. I'll give you examples from Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries:

If you read the definitions carefully, you’ll notice that both dictionaries describe management as an infinite process, not as an activity aimed at obtaining the final result.This is what I see as the reason for the low efficiency of employees and the whole company.

I will try to give my definition to the word "management" - it is a set of tools and methods used to help the leader to achieve the set goals. Meaning that any activity is aimed at obtaining a concrete result that can be measured quantitatively, vivid, and tangible. Looking at modern commercial and state management training programs makes my hair curl - this is how far they are from teaching the true purpose of management. Most new employees do not even think about their goal they have to achieve, how to measure it, which plan B should they choose if they fail to stick to plan A, etc.

As I’ve said, we are currently undergoing the reorganizing of our work processes. Some time ago I loosened the reins of power and tried to engage in long-term planning, team building, and branding. I handed over management to executives of different levels, forgetting to pass along with it our company’s goals and responsibilities.

A piece of management advice

I would like to appeal to all the young management specialists, teachers, coaches: remember that while there are lots of tools and methods, they should not be an end in themselves. They are all designed solely to achieve specific goals. That is why the first thing that is important to remember are the goals and their timelines.

I wish your projects be successful, deadlines - urgent, and the quality - amazing. Stay tuned to our blog on productivity and effectiveness!