Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner

Vasiliy Ivanov Apr 16, 2017

I'd like to introduce our products to you and I shall start with Roadmap Planner ( Why exactly this one?

First, this product is intended for medium- and long-term planning, and this is a good reason to plan our relations ;).

Second, it is the youngest among all products that we have already released to the market. And it is very important for me to get feedback on it.

So, what is strategic planning? Imagine that you are in the forest. By the way, this is a good metaphor for the leader who is surrounded by many tasks, unexpected problems, pitfalls in the company activities, and hunters for the company itself. If this leader does not have a strategy, he can be compared to a person lost in the forest who walks in circles in the hope that he will be lucky and he will go out on the right path. However, only after a collision with another problem, this leader is looking for the optimal solution for this situation. What will change if we give our "wandering" leader a navigator? Also with a full battery, satellite connection, and a point on the map that shows the destination. Our leader will not just go, he will run in the direction of his goal. Of course, faced with obstacles, he will bypass them, but! He will turn off the optimal path exactly as necessary to overcome the obstacle.

What is so unique about Roadmap Planner? The fact that we spare no resources to create native clients for every platform. We do not just make web solutions to the detriment of the user's convenience. An important UX advantage is the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology, which allows the user to format the document only using the mouse and see how it will look like in the result.

We chose the Gantt chart as the most convenient way of visualizing data with a planning horizon of 5-10 years. In addition, we added Outlines to quickly find and view data in a list form. If the first version of the product was released as an offline application, the 2.0 version was supplemented with the following important features:

  • Synchronization of documents across user devices.
  • Collective work on documents.

Using these functionalities, entire teams of top managers can jointly fill and edit a document from a computer or phone.

Next, we began to fill the product with important management features:

  • Milestones. A special type of objects; they allow you to control the critical dates for projects/processes. These periods are often called the deadlines.
  • Percentage of work completion.

Now the product is already implemented on iOS, macOS, and we plan to release it for Windows and Android in the next six months.

I'm interested in your feedback, please contact me for the redeem codes!