Vasiliy Ivanov Apr 14, 2017

As is right and proper for polite people, I'll begin our communication from an acquaintance. So, my name is Vasily, I'm the head of the IT company. We specialize in creating our own products, we start with the idea and finish... actually, we never finish. We invent, design, develop, release, promote, collect data, and then start a new cycle.

My hobbies, except work, are: snowboarding, traveling, climbing, cars, cycling, basketball, bowling, and a number of other activities, for which I more and more seldom manage to make time.

A couple of years ago in my work I began to move away from the outdated principles of employee management and, thanks to several unique people, turned my attention to the possibilities of managing the company in the involvement mode.

I will be glad to hear your opinion on any topic here. Welcome!